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Here We Go!!

So all you cakey people it's finally here!! The first post in our new "Spice Blog" from bespoke cake makers Sugar and Spiced Cakes.

This is really a test to make sure my lack of technological know-how actually works. Life in a cake business is never boring. From trying new recipes, designing wonderful creations for beautiful brides, producing decadent celebration cakes, to life with a theatrical and crazy 10 year old.

With Christmas just around the corner this 1st blog is based on our creation of a "Penguin Village". Probably the most fun is seeing the little guys come to life and giving them all names and back stories!! So please meet Simon and Suzi Smith the young penguins just moved into the 2018 village. They are a fun loving snowball fighting couple who enjoy nothing more than playing in the snow with their friends!!

Life in the Penguin village begins with an old family recipe for a very fruity, boozy traditional Christmas Cake. Made 4 weeks ago it has been fed every week with a simple Brandy syrup to keep the moisture high. It is then moulded and shaped into domes, covered in Marzipan and Fondant.

Why not try and make yourself with the kids - great fun for their imagination - they also make amazing gifts for those awkward to buy for friends and family!!

Suzi Smith - Anyone for Snowballs at Dawn!!



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