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Why you should always book a professional!!

As a wedding supplier we know how important it is to book a professional, someone who knows exactly what they are doing. But do couples know this? Do they look at price and go by that or do they try and have a go themselves thinking they can do the same if not better and cheaper? We have all seen this many a time.

Do you need a professional cake Designer?

If you're planning your wedding at the moment this may be something you've been asking yourself. We all know weddings can be costly and everyone wants to save money where they can, right?! Buying your wedding cake is a once in a life time kind of purchase and let's be honest, as it's not an everyday purchase it can seem pretty daunting.

Most brides have dreamt of their wedding day since they were little, tottering around in their mum's high heels playing dress up. So planning your wedding day and choosing the perfect wedding cake is soo important; after all you've been dreaming of it for so long! for this reason it's really important to make sure you Do choose a professional wedding cake designer with ot only the passion for creating beautiful wedding cakes but also the expertise.

If's so lovely when friends or relatives offer to make your wedding cake for you;' you'll want them to feel included in the wedding planning and obviously not want to hurt their feeligns by saying No thank you; and of course the temptation of saving money may be hard to resist, but you must resist!!

What will you get from a professional cake designer?

Of course like most purchases you get what you pay for; a professional wedding cake designer will have much more experience in making bespoke wedding cakes than, say your aunt Alice. That is exactly what you'll get from a professional cake designer - expertise and experience. Their expertise is vital in ensuring your wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception; as you always dreamed it would be.

There are so many elements to consider when making a wedding cake that friend or relative may not be aware of. It's not as easy as making a Victoria sponge to go with your cuppa on a Sunday afternoon, as lovely as that sounds. There are the flavor combinations; ensuring that flavors are paired perfectly because of course your beautiful wedding cake needs to taste as delicious as it looks.

The structure of your wedding cake is hugely important and something that may not even enter your thoughts when thinking of creating a wedding cake. Your cake designer will make sure each tier of your wedding cake is correctly stacked and supported to prevent them sliding or the whole cake collapsing After dreaming and planning your wedding cake for so long you do not want to see it end up on a heap on the floor!

There is also the matter of where the cake will be situated within he venue and another super important fact - the weather! We all dream of asking in glorious sunshine ion our wedding day, but a blazing hot summer's day could wreak havoc with your wedding cake if you are not prepared.

Your wedding cake designer will consider the time of year and weather when designing your wedding cake, ensuring that the buttercream wedding cake you're dreaming of in the height of summer will not end up a melted mess on the table!

As you can see it is so important to choose a professional wedding cake designer to be confident that your dream wedding cake will be the beautiful centerpiece you always dreamed of.

Not only is it important to have your wedding cake made by a professional cake designer but you need to have confidence in their skills and abilities as well as feel comfortable knowing that they can transform your ideas and wedding style into cake form. Which is why it is so important to know what to ask of your cake designer when discussing your wedding cake - a blog for another day I feel!!

If you're planning your own Kent wedding and dreaming of a beautiful wedding cake to wow your guests delight their taste buds and tie your wedding style together in your beautiful wedding venue contact us to start your cake journey. Your Dream Our Creation!!



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