The Journey

Such a buzz word these days!!  We’ve all been on one, planned or not,  I am no exception.  Life has a way of pointing you in the right direction, even if you don’t realise it at the time.


Mine began at the BBC.  Stuck in an office typing contracts for highbrow celebrities who were appearing in all kinds of productions.  After speaking to Sir Laurence Olivier one morning, I knew that sitting in an office day after day with no creative input (or output !!!) was not going to be for me.  I took the plunge and informed my long suffering parents that I was going back to college.  Ah but not just any college. RADA!! 


Graduating in Stage Management lead me to 10 years of amazing  positions from touring with Welsh National Opera to Sydney Opera House to right back here at Glyndebourne and the once local Opera house of Broomhill (now Salomons) 

With a family immersed in the hotel and hospitality industry, and having spent so many years living out of a suitcase the call to put down roots was too strong.  Joining the family business – Compass Hotels Ltd – during this time I took on the most rewarding and inspiring positions, developing a passion for food, weddings and anything theatrical – let’s face it working in hospitality is theatre too!! 


Meeting my husband of now 15 years we began a new journey. We went it alone and bought our own hotel in his native Scotland, and spent many happy – if not exhausting – years welcoming guests to our little piece of South Eastern Scotland.  When Oli arrived, however, things had to change.  3 days after he was born I was at my desk doing the books and worrying over the next big event.


Returning to Tunbridge Wells everything changed. Hospitality was no longer an option for a 1st time mum, and theatre certainly wouldn’t be considered.  What to do?  I stumbled across the most amazing lady, who had set up a website with cake tutorials – Pretty Witty Cakes.  Fairly local I decided to join and begin vaguely following her.  5 Years down the line and the passion for creating cakes has not stopped, nor indeed has the relationship with the incredible Suzi Witt.

There is a minefield of information, designs, and suggestions on all aspects of any celebration from weddings, to christenings to anniversaries.  A guiding hand is all part of the process here and with the experience in the hospitality world I can give you true and genuine information on how to create your perfect cake that you perhaps didn't think you could have. 


So the journey isn’t over, if anything it’s just beginning – AGAIN – From Theatre, to hospitality to baking – think there’s a link somewhere!!


Come and have a chat and see where your journey will take you in the form of the most amazing cake.

  – go on who doesn’t love cake

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